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What data is expected?

National legislatures are often called 'houses', 'senates' or 'chambers'.

The constituencies are the areas that members of the legislatures represent. They are described by electoral boundary files. Please tell us about these electoral boundary files.

Please be careful not to submit polling districts. Polling districts are the areas which define the catchment of a polling station and are usually smaller than the constituency.

Where constituencies are the same as administrative districts these can be accepted.

  • Name of Legistlature
  • Name and/or ID of constituency
  • Polygon

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free online Yes
In an open format Shapefile, KML
Whole country Yes
electoral_districts_exist Yes
Collected by government Office of National Statistics (ONS) Official boundaries are agreed by Boundary Commissions in each country of the UK. Spatial data for constituency boundaries is produced by Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. The combined UK boundary dataset is compiled and published by ONS.
assembly_needed Yes
characteristics Name and/or ID of constituency, Polygon
location - Office of National Statistics (ONS) Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies are available from ONS in various resolutions and formats.
Available free of charge Yes
Available in bulk Yes
Up-to-date Yes
Legislative terms present 2017-19
Openly licenced Yes
Number of legislative bodies Parliament of the United Kingdom

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Meta data

Data location - Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Data licence
Data format   Shapefile, KML
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Submitters   Owen Boswarva
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